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Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom

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This is a great article. You know, Kobe is more than jufstiied (to your point) in being upset about the botched trade and the ultimate passing of Odom to the defending champs. You know Kobe is fuming mad. It's funny considering the Lakers ultimate plan was to get Paul AND Dwight and they'll likely end up with neither. But I think funnier than all this is how foolish and more hated Michael Jordan and Mark Cuban became through all of this. Both Cuban and Jordan rejected the trade of Paul to the Lakers. Jordan has been nothing but annoying and bitter since his career ended and Mark Cuban just comes across rather hypocritical. Oh well. Let's see what happens as the season plays out, Kobe's knees have looked fantastic so far, so it looks like the experimental offseason treatment payed off.